What to Expect from LML

Want to learn about the biosensory training we do with our puppies during the neonatal stage of development?  Watch the video below to see how it is done and learn about the many benefits!

What We Expect From You

Your Responsibilties

Be realistic. Your puppy is a baby. It will need rules, socialization and training. Puppies jump, nip, chew, wake up during the night and must be house trained. These things all take time and commitment. Make sure you are prepared.

Training. We recommend that you take your puppy to at least one series of training classes at Alaska Dog Works. 

Take your puppy for a check-up within 1 week of receiving him/her. 

Follow the vaccination and check up schedule provided by your vet.

These are not crossbreed, F1, or F2 doodles.  We chose to join ALAA.  The focus is on nurturing the development of the Australian Labradoodle, and promoting uniform standards and integrity in breeding.

The goals of the ALAA are:

  • To protect the future of the Australian Labradoodle
  • To provide a forum where breeders and owners can collaborate to promote and protect the future of the breeds
  • To sustain and improve dog health by monitoring breed standards
  • To provide public information about breeding stock
  • To promote integrity among breeders
  • To educate breeders and owners
  • To help prospective owners make informed purchasing decisions
  • To lobby for international acceptance of the Australian Labradoodle, and to uphold breed standards with respect to conformation, temperament, color and coat type 

This is accomplished by the requirement that all breeding dogs must pass genetic, temperament, and conformation testing, and then are registered in the database.

Your LML puppy will be sold as a pet for your family.  You must spay or neuter your puppy by 12 months of age, and provide us with proof of spay/neuter 

(severe monetary penalty if this is not done, see Contract).

Provide a high-quality diet and regular exercise.  

Enjoy your puppy!