About Austrailian Labradoodles

Breed History


Do you know about the history and exciting future of Australian Labradoodles?

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Doodle Sizes


Labradoodles Come In Three Sizes

Miniature: 14" - 16" and 15 - 25 pounds

Medium: 17" - 20" and 30 - 45 pounds

Standard: 21" - 24" and 50 - 65 pounds

Coat Types


Labradoodle coats are non-shedding, asthma and allergy friendly.  Coats can be described as: curly fleece, wavy fleece, straight fleece.  

Coat Colors


Labradoodles come in many color variations. The main colors are Cream, Chocolate, and Black. Each of these colors have multiple shades that can appear depending on the genetic make-up of the parents.

More Info About Coat Colors

Grooming Labradoodles


Here is an informative video explaining how to groom your doodle.

Grooming Video from ALAA

Characteristics that Make the Perfect Pet


Australian Labradoodles are the perfect addition to a family:

  • asthma and allergy friendly
  • non-shedding
  • easy to train and incredibly intelligent
  • loyal, playful, wonderful with kids
  • athletic