Announcing LML's last litter of doods for 2019 due Aug. 14! Scroll down to see Mom and Dad!

UPDATE!! Ciara and Fletcher's puppies HAVE ARRIVED! Reserve your dood today!

Little doods due Aug. 14! Puppies will go home Mid October!

Introduction to Momma


Manor Lake Sotheby (Bea) is a gorgeous medium sized female with a calm and loving disposition.  She has such a carefree gentle soul.  Her days are spent following around her human and doodle buddies, and enjoys quiet time relaxing.  She has wavy apricot/red fleece that is allergy/asthma friendly, and a very little to non-shedding hypoallergenic coat.

Sire:  Manor Lake Clifford

Dam:  Adhonay's Western Parti (Dalton)

Size:  Medium

Coat/Color:  Wavy fleece, Apricot/Red

OFA Hips Prelim: Good

Elbows:  Normal

CERF:  Normal

Patellar Luxation:  Normal

EIC:  Clear

PRA:  Clear

ALAA Registration - ALAA-044897

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Introduction to Daddy


This handsome dood has a beautiful apricot, wavy, fleece coat, a stocky build, and a friendly, easy-going demeanor.  These are just some of the qualities he is sure to pass on to his baby doods!

Sire:  Manor Lake Dom Perignon

Dam:  Manor Lake Twilight's Bella

Size:  Medium, 38 lbs

Coat/Color:  Wavy fleece, Apricot

OFA Hip Test:  Excellent

Elbows:  Clear

CERF:  Clear

PRA:  Clear

Blood Panel:  Normal

Cardiac:  Normal

Patellar Luxation:  Normal

DNA Tests - Normal

ALAA Registration - ALAA-040376

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UPDATE! Ciara delivered 5 precious little doods on July 14!

Ciara is the most amazingly loving momma!


Ciara had 3 chocolates and 2 caramels.  There are 3 females and 2 males!  They are the most darling little bundles of love!

A sweet little caramel


Some sweeties from this litter have been reserved!  

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More pics coming soon!

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Going home in September!

We are thrilled to announce that our sweet girl Hale's R&B aka Ciara, has honeymooned with Hale's Labradoodles Shelby Avenue Fletcher!  We are excited to see what these parents are going to bring to their gorgeous pups!  Ciara is expecting on/around July 16 with puppies going home at 8-9 weeks.  We are expecting these darlings to be large mini/small medium in size at 16-17 inches and 20-30 lbs full grown in the chocolate and/or Caramel colors.  They will have those silky, soft, little to non-shedding and allergy-friendly fleece coats. These cuties won't last long.  We are taking litter reservations now.

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Introduction to Mommy!


Name:  Hale's R&B aka Ciara

ALAA Registration#:  ALAA-041719

Sire:  Hale's Double Barrel aka Porter

Dam:  Hale's Whispers in the Wind aka Holly

Color:  Chocolate

Coat:  Fleece

Size: Mini

Health Clearances:  Hips OFA Good, Elbows normal, eVet Good, CERF clear and normal, DM clear, PRA prod clear, EIC clear, vWD clear

A little about Ciara:  We are excited to add this sweet girl to our LML breeding program!  Ciara has an amazing personality to say the least and is as cute as a button!  She is a total love bug and is sure to brighten your day!  She comes from a long line of stunning Hale's pooches.  She has a silky soft fleece coat and we are sure she will pass on her excellent confirmation, beauty, and sweet, soulful disposition to her babies!

Introduction to Daddy


Name:  Shelby Avenue Fletcher

ALAA Registration#:  ALAA-064101

Sire:  Shelby Avenue Ulysses

Dam:  Shelby Avenue Sunstar Ellie

Color:  Caramel Ice

Coat:  Fleece

Size:  Medium

Health Clearances:  Hips OFA Excellent, Elbows normal, CERF clear and normal, DM clear, EIC clear, PRA prod clear, vWD clear.  Carries for Parti

A little about Fletcher:  He is owned by Hale's Labradoodles and has that perfect silky soft fleece coat and looks like a big teddy bear!  He is happy go lucky, friendly, and loves to play and romp around in the yard with his other doggy friends.  He has EXCELLENT testing!  We are sure he will pass on his sweet personally, charm, and silky fleece coat to his FURbabies.